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dungeon brewmaster is developed by super77, a columbus-based creative studio specializing in innovative and emotional digital experiences.

anyone who loves compelling stories and emergent gameplay systems will feel right at home in the virtual world of dbm! dungeon brewmaster will enter early access in the steam marketplace on May 24th for a price of $15. the full experience will land fall 2018.

 happy brewing!
dungeon brewmaster is an immersive virtual reality experience that puts you in the role of a magical bartender. you’ll brew potions and poisons for a variety of magical creatures - every recipe is unique, made from a collection of incredible and fantastic raw ingredients. players will have the option of following a structured storyline, or experimenting with their own concoctions in a true sandbox setting. as they play, players will discover more about the history of the game’s world, the lore of the harbor dues dungeon tavern, and the unique quirks of the world’s whimsical inhabitants.
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